Adan Ballesteros

I received four mailers from millionaire Ron Paul supporter John Ramsey’s “Liberty For All Super Pac” attacking Adan and supporting Mike Cargill, two of which provided the URL to one of the documents on this website.

For the record;

  • I do not support these tactics
  • I’m a public supporter of Paul Labuda for Constable.
  • Paul is the only candidate without a republican voting history.
  • Constable Adan Ballesteros was fired from DPS.

    George Morales, Adan’s right hand man, is Chief Deputy of the Precinct 2 Constable’s office.

    Open Records Documents: *New* 05/20/2012

    DPS Termination

    Ballesteros vs. DPS – Dismissed with Prejudice / Appeal Denied

    George Morales – This Document has been RemovedThe Austin Police Department erroneously released this document under the FOIA. If you downloaded this document previously you should destroy it. If you forwarded it to others, instruct them to do the same.

    George Morales – Custody Arrest / Traffic Warrant

    Open Records Documents:

    DPS Complaint

    Ballesteros Investigation File

    Ballesteros Sworn Statement

    Investigators Report

    SA Armando Ramirez Statement

    TK Solis Statement

    You be the judge.