Democracy From the Bottom Up

Our little experiment in democracy has been failing as of late, but it seems that; ‘We the People’ are ready once again to take our government back from the warmongers and the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ (that Eisenhower warned us about over 47 years ago) and the large multinational corporations that are more concerned about their stock holders and the bottom line, then the folks that make this country great.

There is no such thing as trickle down economics, but there is Democracy from the bottom up.

The Presidential elections carry a lot of weight in the eyes of the world, but we should be concentrating our efforts on the issues and the candidates where we can have the greatest opportunity to directly effect the outcome.

We are not as dumb as the ‘Fourth Branch of Government’, the media,  likes to pretend we are.

Hence my call out to stay informed, read between the lines and work to elect officials who make changes on the local level and/or state issues we care about.

Prediction; Precinct 263 is going to vote Dems with 70% vs. the Repubs 30% in November. Are we dreaming this goal can be achieved? No, in fact we can exceed it.

In Precinct 263 for the 2004 Election the Dems received 55.71% of the straight party vote compared to the Repubs 43.77%  (Lib 0.52%). However in the off Presidential 2006 Election the Dems received 63.88% of straight party vote compared to 32.54% of Repubs (Libs 3.59%). It’s all about GOTV (get out the vote).

-TCDP Precinct 263 Chair Kernan Hornburg